PayPal Gets into Blockchain, But Only Internally Among Employees for Now

Payments platform PayPal has so far avoided Bitcoin acceptance and, at least visibly, not considered blockchain for its platform. Now, it has launched an internal blockchain-based employee incentive program. A production of PayPal’s innovation lab, in San Jose, California, the platform took 25 strong team six-months to build and went live this ...

14 December, 2018 ErwinXYZ

Bitcoin-Friendly Revolut Receives European Banking License, Aims to be ‘Amazon of Banking’

Revolut, a digital banking alternative that features an in-app bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, has received a European banking license as it seeks to expand its offerings and position itself as the “Amazon of banking.” Revolut to Offer Bank Accounts in Europe The London-based unicorn, which remains one of the hottest fintech startups in t...

13 December, 2018 ErwinXYZ

Samsung Files for Cryptocurrency Trademarks in the EU For Smartphones

Electronics giant Samsung has filed applications for three blockchain-related trademark requests for smartphones. Based on the descriptions provided by the company, the three European trademark requests relate to providing crypto custody services on smartphones, which indicates that Samsung may be planning to make its entry into the ‘blockchain...

12 December, 2018 ErwinXYZ

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Just Saw its Second-Largest Drop in History

The crypto market’s prolonged decline has finally begun to manifest in the bitcoin mining industry, which had at times seemed impervious to falling prices but is now experiencing a moderate exodus. At a basic level, miners produce Bitcoin blocks by competing to solve complex mathematical problems. When the hash rate increases, blocks are found ...

3 December, 2018 ErwinXYZ

$19 Billion Gained in 24 Hours: Crypto Market Makes a Recovery

Within the past 24 hours, the crypto market has added $19 billion to its valuation as the price of Bitcoin (BTC) surged to $4,300. After dropping to the low $3,000 region, Bitcoin engaged in an unexpected price rally, rising by more than 15 percent on a single day. The newly established momentum of Bitcoin allowed the rest of the ...

29 November, 2018 StefanXYZ

CryptoKitties Creator Scores $15M Investment From Google, Samsung

While the cryptocurrency market continues its mundane sideways price action, CryptoKitties, and its creator, Vancouver, Canada-based Dapper Labs, has continued to see growing interest from external investors, who seem to be enamored with the idea of Ethereum-based collectible cats. Per a report from Bloomberg, which was published on Thursday...

2 November, 2018 StefanXYZ

Hollywood Stars in Movie About Crypto Money Laundering

A crime thriller called Crypto is reportedly being filmed, featuring a money laundering agent and a case involving cryptocurrency. Among the cast of the movie are Hollywood actors Kurt Russell, Luke Hemsworth, Alexis Bledel, Beau Knapp, Jeremie Harris, and Vincent Kartheiser.An upcoming crime thriller called Crypto is currently filming in Ne...

18 October, 2018 StefanXYZ

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